Intro to Postman

In creating, deploying, and discovering APIs, there is always the need to test that the expected response meets the request sent. To ease this burden, I usually turn to Postman. Postman is a tool that let’s you try every feature of an API that you can think of a test for. Today’s blog is going to cover the basics to get you started.

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Implementing a Linked List Style Containerless Stack

A stack is a commonly used structure within the programming world. In essence, it is a Last In, First Out (LIFO) list of tasks to be handled. During an exercise on stack creation in JavaScript, I was struck with a thought. Can I bring into play a stack without using a storage array or object as a container? Well, yes.

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The Joy and Sorrow of Ternary Operators

A ternary operator is a shorthand way to write if/then/else statements. Ternary operators can be used as return statements, to assign a value to a variable, or to run functions based on a conditional.

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